Digital DISRUPT  Cloud Workspaces Forum

Thursday, June 25, 2020

10am – 5pm EDT

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Welcome to Digital DISRUPT 2020 Re:Connect

This June 25, IGEL invites you and your colleagues to join us for Digital DISRUPT 2020 Re:Connect.

Brand new thought leadership
Devoted to reconnecting with end user computing professionals like you, Digital DISRUPT brings together over 700 thought-leaders, community experts and the world’s leading vendors and innovators in EUC and cloud workspaces. 

Same warm welcome
As everyone in our industry moves towards experiencing online digital events, you can expect the same warm welcome from everyone here at IGEL as you would at our legendary in-person DISRUPT forums. There will be plenty of opportunities to catch up with friends, colleagues old and new, as well as the entire IGEL team.

Insight, fun and community spirit
Be there to witness ground-breakingDigital DISRUPT keynotes and insightful, in-depth and interactive breakout sessions. And of course all of the familiar fun you’d expect – raffles, trivia, passport games and more. There will be happy hours to join in with, too. Expect plenty of fun and the chance to raise your profile (as well as a glass) while revitalizing everyone’s EUCand cloud workspaces community spirit.

Let’s Re:Connect at Digital DISRUPT 2020.

See you on June 25.

What to Expect

Connect whenever it's convenient


You can attend Digital DISRUPT form your office, on your laptop, or mobile device at any time! 

Attend keynote sessions


Hear an inspiring keynote address from IGEL CEO Jed Ayres as we all navigate through a unique moment in our history and how we work and live during this global pandemic. You will also be able to attend multiple sessions discussing a range of topics from how to optimize security and productivity for the work-from-home workforce, to the latest and upcoming IGEL solutions and products.

Hear from peers and industry experts


Learn from prominent technology partner leaders like Microsoft and Citrix, and key cloud workspace and EUC industry watchers and analysts. You will also hear from partners and customers who have their own unique stories to tell on how they are using IGEL to continue to move forward.

Prepare yourself for new challenges


Gather the resources to help you thrive and shine. Critical materials will include solution briefs, tip sheets, case studies, video interviews, infographics and much more.

Why Attend: 3 Reasons to Join Us

1.  The Big Re:ality Check

Gain realistic insights from your peers and technology vendors on how to keep your users safe, secure and productive, today and tomorrow no matter what.

The rapid changes we’ve all experienced over the past few months present growing challenges over how and where people can work safely, securely and productively. These directly affect your EUC and cloud workspaces strategies, such as maintaining security, control and user satisfaction across a workforce that may look very different than it did just three months ago. 

2.  The Big Re:set

See how you and your EUC peers are resetting the value organizations are placing in your skills, expertise and innovative Cloud Workspace technology.

In the space of just twelve weeks occasional work-from-home and remote work ‘opportunities’ are now everyday essentials for huge numbers of employees. It’s clear those organizations who’ve invested in the inherent agility to ‘work safely and securely from anywhere using any device’ will have the best chance of thriving in the face of constant change.

3.  The Big Re:connect

Gain an up-to-the-minute understanding of the leading technologies and solutions that will redefine how you connect Cloud Workspace solutions across your organizations.

Together as an End User Community we warmly invite you to reconnect with your Cloud Workspace peers at Digital DISRUPT 2020, sharing insights, practices and importantly, your stories on how you’re able to harness positive disruptive thinking to overcome your end user computing challenges.


All Day

10:00am - 11am

Checking in + Expo

Login to the event, check in to the lobby, re:connect with your peers, check upcoming sessions, get your swag details and ways to win more with IGEL and its partners. Join us to kickoff the event.

11am - 11:30am

Welcome and Kickoff:

Doug Keeley
CEO & Chief Story Teller, The Mark of a Leader

Opening Keynote:

Jed Ayres
CEO & Chief Story Teller, The Mark of a Leader

11:30am - 11:45am

General Session: Technology Panel Discussion

Moderator: Doug Keeley
Panelists: <coming soon>

11:45am - 12pm

General Session: Customer Panel

Moderator: Doug Keeley
Panelists: Kyle Edgeworth

Deputy Chief Information Officer, City of Corona
<others coming soon>

12pm - 12:05pm

Break + Expo

Network with peers and partners in the exhibit floor where you can deep dive into end-user computing solutions, products and services while learning how to win with IGEL and its partners.

12:05pm - 12:30pm

Breakout Sessions

Session 101: Microsoft

Session 102: Login VSI

Presenter: Blair Parkhill

Director of Product, Login VSI

Session 103: IGEL Product Update and Preview of What's Next

Presenters: Christian Werner

Manager of Product Management, IGEL; Michail Maridakis, Product Manager, IGEL


In this session, Christian Werner and Michail Maridakis of IGEL product management will discuss the latest new features of IGEL's software including IGEL OS, the Universal Management Suite (UMS), and other key software elements including the IGEL Cloud Gateway and the OS Creator of Windows. We'll cover the latest support for Amazon AWS, Citrix, Microsoft WVD, and VMware, along with some of our other key partner technologies. We will also discuss our newest and next planned endpoint hardware offers, new software capabilities planned for later this year, and share our thoughts on some future key product advancements currently under consideration.

12:30pm - 1:10pm

Lunch Break + Expo

Continue networking and learning by joining your fellow attendees in the expo area by visiting sponsor tabletops.

1:10pm - 1:35pm

Breakout Sessions

Session 201: Citrix

Session 202: Nerdio Manager for WVD and the Windows Virtual Desktop Opportunity in the Enterprise

Presenter: Bas van Kaam

EMEA Field CTO, Nerdio

In this session we'll take you through an overview of Nerdio Manager for WVD- the definitive WVD solution for Enterprise IT Pros to deploy, manage, and optimize WVD environments. We'll go hands-on with the product so you can see what hundreds of enterprise companies have been raving about for months.

Session 203: IGEL OS10 to OS11 Migration &

Trade-Up Program: The ins and outs how best to bring your environment to the latest IGEL OS11 versions.

Presenter: Christian Bermudez

Senior Solutions Architect, IGEL

This session will discuss the best practices, the options for installation and upgrade.
You will learn:
- How best to transition to OS11
- The upgrade/installation options available
- IGEL Trade-Up program

1:35pm - 1:45pm

Break + Expo

Continue networking and learning by joining your fellow attendees in the expo area by visiting sponsor tabletops.

1:45pm - 2:10pm

Breakout Sessions

Sesssion 301: Session details coming soon 

Session 302: Windows Virtual Desktop

Presenter: Christiaan Brinkoff

Session 303: Introduction to IGEL Custom Partition

Presenters: Jason McCallum

Solutions Architect, IGEL; Jeff Feige, VP Presales Engineering, IGEL

Introduction to custom partitions and the need for them in your environment.
You will learn:
- Custom Commands and their relation to the IGEL boot process
- How to use Custom Partitions
- How to package a simple custom partition

2:10pm - 2:20pm

Break + Expo

Continue networking and learning by joining your fellow attendees in the expo area by visiting sponsor tabletops.

2:20pm - 2:45pm

Breakout Sessions

Session 401: Session details coming soon

Session 402: AWS

Presenter: Steve Mueller


Session 402: AWS

Session 403: IGEL Session: Research Highlights from ESG - Are Desktops Doomed?

Trends in Digital Workspaces, VDI, and DaaS

2:45pm - 2:55pm

Break + Expo

Continue networking and learning by joining your fellow attendees in the expo area by visiting sponsor tabletops.

2:55pm - 3:20pm

Breakout Sessions

Session 501: Work from Home Anywhere!

Presenter: Jason E. Smith

VP of Products & Solutions, Liquidware

You may have recently been tasked with rapidly on-boarding users to a work from home (WFH) platform. As a new normal becomes reality, Liquidware will discuss how many organizations have been able to adapt to virtual desktops and how they were able to seamlessly support remote workers at home or anywhere now and well into the future. WFG has been a disrupter but for many, it's a business strategy that is here to stay. Learn how enterprise work from anywhere strategies can keep your organizatin competitive.

Session 502: Conquer IT Blind Spots and Open Your Eyes with ControlUp

Presenter: Trentent Tye

Senior Citrix Technical Expert, ControlUp

For many admins, monitoring your infrastructure comes with a huge piece missing.
The endpoints your end-users use to connect to your infrastructure can be black boxes whose performance characteristics are hidden from view. This EUC blindness can force you to chase ghosts, hampering your efforts to resolve issues quickly!
ControlUp can help. Giving you complete visibility into your front- and back-end infrastructure, you can monitor, manage, troubleshoot, and remediate your entire environment—including your IGEL endpoints—in real time.
In this session, discover how easy it is to integrate ControlUp and IGEL, so you can start seeing, solving, and saving.

Session 503: Using Storytelling to Power Your Business in Virtual Times

Presenter: Doug Keeley

CEO & Chief Story Teller, The Mark of a Leader

In this high energy session, Doug Keeley will show you how to use business stories to power sales, leadership and culture in these crazy virtual times. It has been proven that stories are the highest impact, stickiest form of communication. Yet few businesses and business people use stories well. Doug is going to change that and you will get practical “how to” tips in this story packed session. Don’t miss it. 

3:20pm - 3:30pm

Break + Expo

Continue networking and learning by joining your fellow attendees in the expo area by visiting sponsor tabletops.

3:30pm - 3:45pm

General Session: Future of EUC Panel Discussion

Moderator: Doug Keeley


1. Ruben Spruijt

Senior Technologist, Nutanix

2. Steve Greenberg

President & Principal Architect, Thin Computing

3. Al Solorzano

VP End User Computing

4. Biran Barnes

Chief Technology Officer

3:45pm - 4:00pm

Closing Remarks

Jed Ayres, CEO, IGEL

4pm - 5pm

Happy Hour: Trivia + Raffles + Drinks

IGEL presents the The Knowledge Base Online Trivia Game Show With DJ_Gersh and KimmyIQ!
Are you an IT Baller? Can you spell VDI? Do you now how to say "hedgehog" in German? Then put those smarts to use and WIN in the The Knowledge Base: IGEL's Online Trivia Game, hosted by DJ_Gersh and KimmyIQ! Turn your EUC know-haw into big prizes! Join us for a happy hour where the welcome is warm, drinks are cold, and the questions are hot! Everyone's a winner (provided you get a question correct)!

We will also be announcing the first winners (one for North America and one for EMEA) of the Workplace Coolplace
Home Office Bundle raffles. Winners do not need to be present to win. If you haven't yet, complete a short survey
at with code eDISRUPT for a chance to win.

Featured Speakers

Jed Ayres, CEO, IGEL

Matthias Haas, CTO, IGEL

Scott Manchester, Partner Group Program Manager, Cloud Managed Desktops, Microsoft

Simon Townsend, CMO, IGEL

Doug Keeley profile pic

Doug Keeley, CEO & Chief Story Teller, The Mark of a Leader

Christiaan Brinkhoff profile pic

Christiaan Brinkhoff, Golden Black Belt, Microsoft

Ruben SpruijtSr. Technologist, Former CTO at Frame

Steve Greenberg

Steve Greenberg, President & Principal Architect, Thin Computing

Al Solorzano profile pic

Al Solorzano, VP End User Computing

Brian Barnes profile pic

Brian Barnes, Chief Technology Officer




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